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At the turn of the century it became fashionable to collect advertising posters. The “open air museum” was brought into the home and was viewed as a charming and new way of decorating. Vintage authentic advertising posters are indeed a world-class art form appreciating in value while being a joy to own. The posters chosen for this series were designed for use in India and that’s what makes them more appealing.

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Shell Motor Spirit
Code : PADLJ 01
Size : (Inches) 22 x 17

Ellerman’s City & Hall Lines
Code : PADLJ 02
Size : (Inches) 24 x 17

Valet Safety Razor
Code : PADLJ 03
Size : (Inches) 21.5 x 17

Burmah Shell
Code : PADLJ 04
Size : (Inches) 23.5 x 17

Ellerman Lines
Code : PADLJ 06
Size : (Inches) 24 x 17
Listing 1-5 of 12 product(s)   Pages   1 2 3 
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